Rent Faster

See here the 5 tips to rent your property much faster.

Time is money: this is an even stronger statement for homeowners who face the challenge of keeping their properties occupied most of the time. After all, stalled ventures are almost always synonymous with loss and drop in revenue. But how to guarantee quick and easy rentals? Below, we have listed 5 fundamental tips to achieve these results!

1º Keep the property well maintained

Are in the documentation or preserves tio the enterprise: keep everything up to date is essential to ensure flexibility in the rental process. In addition to avoiding headaches in the act of closing, a conserved, clean property with adequate inspections will attract more visitors and interested parties.

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2nd Set the appropriate price

At the time of pricing, it is understandable that owners want to add a good profit margin to the final proposal. But this is not always a good strategy. For example, suppose you calculate an amount above what the general average tenant is willing to pay. The probability that your property will be stopped, without you receiving rent during this time is great. In other words, this is not always an economy that will be worthwhile.

To find the ideal rental price, think about questions like:

What is the average value of properties close to yours with similar sizes?

What is the age of your property and its state of conservation?

What or what are the possible audiences that will be able to rent it?

How much did you invest in the conservation of the property and how long do you intend to dilute that amount?

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3rd Bet on good publicity, after all renting is necessary!

Today, the tenant’s experience begins with the act of looking for the property. After all, finding the perfect place and closing the contract as soon as possible is also his dream. Therefore, the detailed selection starts now on social networks and specialized portals. At this time, properties better positioned in search and with good photos attract more eyes and are at the beginning of the list of choice of tenants.

So this is one of the tips that cannot be left out. Look carefully at the channels where you will advertise your property and always pay attention to the quality of the photos. With simple care, such as the correct position of the cell phone and lighting, it is already possible to guarantee optimal results.

Among so many options to advertise rental property, it is normal to be in doubt as to which is the best website to advertise rental property. OLX, Zap Imóveis, VivaReal, Fifth floor, Facebook Marketplace?

Spoiler Alert: at Zimobi you advertise your rental for free and also advertise your ad on the main portals. Generating much more interested.  See how HERE.

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4th Good photos, correct disclosure and… adequate description!

To ensure 100% optimization, make sure that the titles and descriptions are suitable for your property. In addition to the quality of the photos, they are the ones who will dictate the success or failure of your ad. One of the tips is to use words that differentiate your post from the others. That sentence that the reader will hit the eye and feel like clicking. Winning the heart of a prospective tenant to pay a visit depends on a number of details. But the first impression is, without a doubt, one of the most decisive points for the success in this mission.

See in this Post the 07 Tips to get the Description of your property right. After all, describing your property is essential to stand out among other rental ads.

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5th Free yourself from real estate!

Why live stuck in bureaucracy, unnecessary fees and the sluggishness of brokers who have hundreds of properties to manage, in addition to yours? Having control and security of your rental process is much more advantageous for tenants and homeowners.

The tip here is to use technology to your advantage and ensure good partners at your side, who guarantee that the process of direct rental with the owner will be faster, safer and without headaches.

The  Zimobi , for example, is a secure platform,  accelerated by Google , which connects tenants and owners, making a complete management from the disclosure in the most important portals of the sector, to the issuance of contracts and financial management.

BONUS Tip: Have several options for Rent Guarantee to Rent Faster

Knowing which rental guarantees exist in the Brazilian market, for sure, helps to streamline the rental process, making it more fluid and faster. This is because it is not enough to have the property rented, it has to be for a good tenant and depending on the figure of the Guarantor is very complicated. There are several other option, such as the Deposit, Deposit Insurance, CredPago and etc.