If you want to rent your property in bahriahills and are starting in the real estate business, it is normal to have many doubts. One of the most common questions among new landlords is about the possibility of charging rent by boleto.

When renting a property, it is necessary to understand that one of the most important resources to regulate the terms and conditions between lessor and lessee is the rental contract. This document should include, among other information, those referring to payments.

Thus, landlord and tenant are free to agree and determine the best way to pay the rent.

Want to understand how billing works? Read on and see the rules!

After all, can the landlord charge rent by boleto?

Yes, owners can charge rent by bank slip. In fact, this is the most common way of charging rent and condominium expenses. The tenants themselves, who wanted more practicality and ease when paying the amount, began to demand the collection through the slips.

In this case, the big question is whether it is allowed to charge the billet fee together with the payment of the rent and the condominium. To answer this question, it is necessary to understand that the legal instruments that support the conditions related to payment are the Tenancy Law (Law No. 8,245 of 1991) and the  Civil Code .

Based on the legislation, it can be inferred that the tenant is responsible for the costs of the boleto bancário fee. But, for that, the contract must provide for a clause that determines that the payment of the rent and the condominium is made together with the tariff.

This is because, in the tenancy relationship, what prevails is the freedom of contract between lessor and lessee. Thus, it is possible to establish a contractual clause that determines the form of payment of the rent and the respective fees, such as charges provided for in the contract and condominium expenses.

Generally, condominium costs and bank fees are not shown in the slips, as they are considered as an ordinary expense. However, it is crucial that this is specified in the contract and that it is freely agreed between the parties to the agreement.

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How does billing rent collection work?

Now that you know you can charge rent by boleto, it is important to be aware of some proper billing practices. See how it works!

Automatic issue of slips

A good tip when using this type of charge is to issue the slips automatically. You can do this to avoid delays or forgetting about the shipment and, consequently, the non-payment by the tenant and other types of inconveniences.

Through technological tools, it is possible to generate and send slips, without you having to do it manually. Thus, it is not even necessary to deliver printed tickets, if the tenant agrees to receive them digitally.

The facility is for both parties, as the landlord avoids printing and shipping costs, and the landlord receives the ticket directly in his e-mail box.

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Easy access to the duplicate of boletos

Another important practice that the landlord must be aware of is the issuance of the duplicate of the slips. When charging rent by boleto, it is essential to offer easy access to the duplicate, in order to reduce the risks of late payment of rent.

For this, you can provide a contact channel, a website, an application or some other way that allows the tenant to access your slips whenever you want, without complications.

When you identify a payment delay, you can also schedule your billing system to automatically send the duplicate billet to the tenant. A clear message with the digitizable barcode line is also a good way out.

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Sending warnings and notifications

Another important precaution when choosing to charge rent by boleto is to ensure the scheduling of automatic sending of notices to tenants who are late in payment, or even close to maturity.

With a rental collection tool, a few days before the boleto expires, you can send reminders and notifications by email, cell phone message or applications, such as WhatsApp.

Thus, you prevent the tenant from being late or forget to pay the ticket. In addition, it has greater control over payments, knowing precisely whether the tenant is up to date with rents or is in default.

Learn how to collect your rent with ease

As you saw, to charge rent by bolete , the most important thing is that this form of payment is previously agreed with the tenant and specified in the lease.

Even when renting your property, it is interesting to have a collection tool in order to facilitate your work and provide greater control over your receipts.

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Check out some advantages of having our solution:

  • You can do everything in an easy and practical way (online);
  • The slips are sent automatically to the tenants every month;
  • The platform monitors payments by the tenant;
  • Reminders and billing alerts are sent to the tenant by email and SMS, avoiding forgetting payment and default;
  • You can edit your charges whenever necessary, in order to collect fines and interest or grant discounts;
  • You receive payment of the rent in your account;
  • And the best part: you don’t need real estate agents or intermediaries to collect the rent, but you have all the support from Zimobi whenever you need it.