“I need to rent my property” – this is the first sentence that comes to every homeowner’s mind as soon as he knows that his property will be free.

Direct rent with the owner ends up being much faster, this is because it is a transaction made by removing an intermediary from the process. Where both parties have the greatest interest in closing the contract. Several landlords already rent their properties – this is a modality provided for in the tenant law, but some details require attention.

It is super important to pay attention to all the steps. From advertising the property, issuing the rental agreement model, analysis to find a good tenant, etc. So read the post until the end. 😉

If you want to know how to rent a house or apartment directly from the owner and safely, stay tuned to the post we have prepared for you. Check out!


1 – Bet on a good promotion

Today, the tenant’s experience begins with the act of looking for the property. After all, finding the perfect place and closing the contract as soon as possible is also his dream.

The internet offers many possibilities for making announcements and giving precise details of the property and the region. In addition, depending on the portals you advertise, millions of people will see your property. Choose carefully the channels where you will advertise your property and always pay attention to the quality of the photos.

Spoiler Alert: at Zimobi you advertise your rental for free and you can even spread your ad on the main portals with one click. Generating much more interested. Enjoy and make your ad now.

2 – Find a good tenant

Mainly because it is a direct rental with owner, this is the most important step. Take great care when choosing the tenant, at these times it is better to sin by zeal.

The cadastral analysis is an important tool to help in decision making, but you must observe other details that will help you in the best choice. During the time of the visit to the property, take the opportunity to observe some attitudes and get to know the rental candidate better. Observe details: such as habits, questions asked, communication difficulties, reason for the change.

3 – Close a good guarantee

For your safety – and for direct leasing with the owner to work well – you need to establish what financial guarantees will govern the start of the contract. Basically, there are three different types:

  1. Guarantor: person chosen by the tenant to assume financial responsibility in the event of default.
  2. Surety bond: it is an insurance that covers rents, damages to the property and also provides services, such as repairs. To ensure the safety of the owner, this is the best option.
  3. Security deposit : Amount deposited by the tenant to the landlord, which can be a maximum of three times the rent (Guide:  tenant law for landlords )

To dispense with the figure of the guarantor and make a leasing process faster and safer, the best option would be the surety bond, but it has a fixed cost per month. You can take advantage and learn more about how bail insurance works by clicking  here .

4 – Prepare and Sign the Rental Agreement

The lease agreements are among the main mechanisms to ensure a healthy relationship between owners and tenants, since documenting the terms and details of such agreement.

From the strictest to the most relaxed owners, the rule is one: any and all negotiations must be documented and signed in the contract. Therefore, owners can issue their rental contracts and digitally sign on the Zimobi platform, click here to register now!


5 – Make a good survey

When preparing a property for rental, some basic precautions must be taken by the owner of the property. The inspection of property, for example, is essential to certify the housing conditions of an environment before it is delivered to the future tenant. Such a procedure avoids losses and problems between tenant and tenant.

But it doesn’t have to be a seven-headed bug, see in this post how to do a well done survey.

6 – Cover your rental in a professional manner

A good tip for maintaining a good relationship is to charge your rent in a professional manner. Bank slips are the most used to make this type of collection. You can do this to avoid delays or forgetting about the shipment and, consequently, the non-payment by the tenant and other types of inconveniences. The facility is for both parties, as the landlord avoids printing and shipping costs, and the landlord receives the ticket directly in his e-mail box or cell phone.

Understand the rules on how to charge rent by boleto.

What does Zimobi bring to the real estate market?

The Zimobi has innovated the way to rent and manage real estate.

All of this is done with ample professionalism. Through Startup, property owners have several resources. It’s possible:

  • Advertise properties on various real estate websites and portals;
  • Evaluate the  history of those interested  in the property and perform the credit analysis, criminal history and other information;
  • Issue the lease agreement to ensure legal certainty for the agreements;
  • Manage the collection and receipt of rentals automatically.

All of this brings more agility and ease to the real estate rental processes – both for tenants and for landlords.

With the absence of third parties and, at the same time, the provision of rental tools, the entire procedure is less bureaucratic, breaking with conventional models.

With a potential for high scalability and growth in the market, Zimobi is favorably viewed by the startup ecosystem. Google for Startups and MitHub – Innovation arm of companies like Cyrela, BrasilBrokers, GrupoZap, for example, are believing in the platform and helping this idea to get off the ground.

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