For those looking for a property to live in, the first question that comes to mind is how to decide between a house and an apartment. The two are quite different and both have pros and cons: a house offers greater freedom and is often in people’s affective memory, which brings an idea of ​​greater comfort and tranquility, however, security often leaves something to be desired depending on the location of the property. An apartment, in turn, is more practical and considered safer. In the end, the choice essentially depends on the moment of each person’s life and their objective with this property. Singles tend to prefer small apartments, while families like the larger space a home offers. It is always important to consider your purchasing power, analyze your stage in life, your need for space,

To meet the needs of each type of public, however, companies in the construction industry have already started to offer much more than these two options for residential properties. If before, the choice was between a house and an apartment and implied giving up the comforts of one to stay with the other, today this is no longer the rule. It is already possible to have a backyard in the apartment or live in a house with the security of an apartment. Next, see the most different real estate options and decide which is best for you and your family!

Standard apartment (or type)

It is the most common residential property, especially in large cities. Its plant generally has well-defined internal divisions: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, suites, laundry area. All this on the same floor, without stairs or levels. And the classification of each apartment is according to the number of bedrooms or suites and the number of parking spaces.


These properties are those located on the top floor of the building. They usually have a wider floor plan than other apartments and even an outdoor area, such as a swimming pool and barbecue. Overall, its footage is twice the standard footage of the building’s real estate. This type of property can be further divided into:

  • Duplex penthouse: when it occupies two floors, connected by stairs or private elevators. In some cases, they can still be formed by three floors, in this case, they are called triplex.
  • Penthouse: it is the penthouse without division of floors. It’s all on the same plane and occupies a very large area at the top of the building.


The duplex style also exists outside the top of the building. Some constructions develop developments with two-story apartments in the middle of the building itself. They are usually large buildings, with double height and a staircase that connects the two levels of the unit.


A flat is a type of property that offers some services similar to hotels, but without the formality characteristic of a hotel. In addition, the rates are lower and housing contracts are larger similar to a conventional rent even. For both housing and investment, the flat has numerous advantages. Those who live receive all the comfort of a hotel at lower prices, and those who invest have higher returns than residential rents, as the flat is outside the tenancy law and is governed by hotel standards.


This is a type of residential property that has been attracting attention around here and conquering the heart of those who are migrating from a house to an apartment. This type is on the ground floor of the building and, therefore, they have a good outdoor area such as a backyard or a garden. In many cases, it also has a barbecue. This is the best option for those who want the freedom of a home without giving up the security of an apartment.


The term Kitnet comes from the English term kitchenette, “small kitchen”. It is an apartment of small proportions, measuring between 20 and 30 m², generally consisting of only two rooms: a bathroom and another space that integrates the bedroom, kitchen and living room. Usually, people who choose to live in this property take into account its low price and the short time spent at home, in addition to the little work involved in cleaning the house. Thus, it is to be expected that there are more kitchenettes in the centers of large cities, such as London, New York and Tokyo, because apartments are more expensive in these locations.


The loft-style property is characterized by a large apartment, with no division between the rooms, which generally have high ceilings and mezzanines. They emerged in the US in the 70s, when old warehouses and warehouses began to be renovated to serve as housing for artists and professionals. Even today, it is seen as an innovation.


Sobrado is a type of house with two or more floors and a large built-up area.

At the time of colonial Brazil, the manors were the residences of the lords in the cities and marked the beginning of urbanization here. The expression came naturally from the two-story houses built in Minas Gerais cities, mainly during the Gold Cycle. In general, characterized by a topography typically called the “sea of ​​hills”, the constructions were carried out from the highest level of the street, so that there was a space under the main floor of the building. Over time, this lower level came to be considered the ground floor, coming to characterize the “southern houses”. Currently, any residence with more than one floor is called a manor house.


Often confused with the loft, the studio is a compromise between the typical apartment and the loft. Here, some partitions return to the scene, such as the walls that delimit the bedrooms. And in general, they are not as large spaces as lofts. .


Still not widespread in Brazil, this type of property has been well accepted by those who are buying their first apartment. It is very similar to a townhouse with 3 or 4 floors, but with individual apartments in each of them.

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