According to a survey carried out on the property rental portals in Brazil, January and February are the best months of the year to advertise rental properties. The lease can be 50% faster in this period.

The Zimobi real estate rental platform followed a study in which the months in which the most contracts were closed were analyzed and found that January and February are the best months of the year for rental properties.

For the owners, announcing their rentals at this time, can generate a speed gain of 35% to 50% when it comes to finding the lessee than in the other months of the year.

Reasons for greater speed in the rental of real estate:

Some of the main reasons for the increase in the speed of rental properties in January are:

  • New Year’s promises of change
  • Closing season of current contracts
  • Financial reorganization
  • Receiving benefits at the end of the year: people have more money.
  • Vacations: people have more time to search for properties.

Historical data of the real estate rental market:

Analyzing the search for property rentals on the internet, we see strong peaks in the months of January for consecutive years. These peaks are the periods with the highest demand for property rentals of the year. We were also able to observe that the search volume grew 270% in the last few years. This is due to the ease of access to the internet by the entire population and the growing number of existing ad portals (OLX, ZAPimóveis, Viva real, imobilweb, Quinto Andar).

Being online today, especially in this time of pandemic, is essential to be able to stand out and rent your property faster. Because of this, Zimobi made a study on the best sites for you to advertise your rental property. Advertise your property for free on the largest real estate portals in Brazil, attracting a lot more interested parties and renting faster.

* Data from the Google trend analyzer reinforces the search peaks in the month of January.

Start the year 2021 by renting your property

According to surveys, 36% of consumers who are looking for real estate intend to close a deal by March, which is why January and February are the best months of the year to advertise property rentals.

Therefore, the leading platform for direct rental with the owner and accelerated by google – Zimobi – separated some tips for you to have great results announcing your rental, check out:

  • Promote your property online. See this comparison of the best website to advertise rental property.
  • In January and February enjoy and be available to rent. This can guarantee you a year with more money in your pocket.
  • Take photos that show the qualities of your property, you can check this post.
  • Do not forget to make a good analysis of the interested and close the best guarantee

Simple Lease Agreement: 10 Precautions Before Signing

How can Zimobi help you rent faster?

Through the rental platform, the owners have several resources. The moment the owner announces his property, it is published on the main real estate portals in Brazil and all contacts are forwarded directly for negotiation, without intermediaries. This generates greater agility and transparency in the rental process. In addition, Zimobi makes renting your property faster:

  • Evaluate the history of those interested in the property and perform the credit analysis;
  • Close the best lease guarantee ;
  • Issue the lease to ensure legal certainty for the agreements.

All of this brings more agility and ease to the real estate rental processes – both for tenants and for landlords.

If you haven’t created your ad on Zimobi yet, enjoy creating your FREE ad now!

That’s it! Now it is taking advantage of the opportunities to reap the rewards throughout the year 2021. 

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