Isn’t renting property easy? Want to advertise property more efficiently? Then see the tips for photographing real estate and attract many more interested in potential!

Every day, thousands of new ads are created on real estate platforms, how to make yours stand out?

While some appear at the top, others are on the second, third or even last page of searches. In this duel for relevance, those who have good images are already one step ahead of the conquest.

So, how to take good pictures of property? Is it possible to have a good result using the cell phone? Only professional photos stand out? What to do to have attractive photos?

First of all, it is important to say that, yes, it is possible to take good photos alone. With calm, attention to detail and some special tricks it is possible to guarantee eye-popping ads. Below we tell you everything about how to get there!

1) Take the photos with your phone horizontally

Thinking about the best use of the photos and ways to show more details and characteristics of the properties, always try to shoot horizontally – as shown in the photo below. As this form is more similar to the way we see it, it gives a broader and more realistic dimension of how the spaces will be seen in an eventual visit. Not to mention that in the portals of real estate ads for rent (see here which the best site to advertise your property is), the horizontal photos gain greater prominence. For all this, with the exception of pictures of details, which can be vertical, the horizontal is always the best choice!

Vertically, the field of view of the environment is limited and the photo, when placed on a page with limited space, can be reduced, thus being worse than a photo inserted horizontally.


2) Good angles make the difference

Here the secret is to test. To achieve an exceptional photo, several angles must be experienced. But before you make several clicks, reflect on what are the strengths of your property. Which corner of it is unique and can draw attention? How to value this space in the image? After that, start testing the best points for you to position yourself with your cell phone or camera.

Avoid posting photos with excess wall, ceiling and exposed floor. These are details that do not usually please the public’s eyes.

The photo must be taken at the same height as the eye. The tip on how to photograph still is, therefore, to avoid taking photos from above or below, changing the perspective of the look.

3) Put yourself in the shoes of the future tenant

If you were to rent a property today on the internet, what types of photos would you like to see? This is how you should think when making your own. Having an organized environment is always a good thing.

To rent your property faster, also evaluate the form and the sequence you will choose to present your images. What logic would you like to see if it were in place in the tenant? Laundry, bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom or the other way around? In general, starting with more general photos and moving on to specific ones works well. 

But, of course, everything will depend on what are the strengths of your property. Without a doubt, they must be the first to be shown!

4) Lighting

One of the tips for shooting still is to avoid overeating or overeating and take advantage of natural light whenever possible. It will enhance your property, giving a soft look to the photos. For that, choosing good times for photos is paramount. Sunrise and sunset are two excellent times.

If the property is poorly lit, you will need the help of artificial lighting. In this case, be careful with the lack or excess of light, and also with the use of the flash. If not used correctly, they can generate unpleasant shadows or photos with “burst” light.

5) Filters: use sparingly

Today filters are the big darlings for image editing. But, here the rule of less is more! Use editing only for subtle adjustments, such as brightness, contrast, and minor color changes. Avoid using options that change the color of the image, for example. They can create an artificial look and devalue your property.

What should prevail is the naturalness of your property. You need to highlight the strengths, but never give an image of what it is not.

6) Value what is yours

A beautiful view from the window, a differentiated room, a good neighborhood, beautiful furniture, a park or square nearby: don’t be afraid to show what, in fact, adds value to your property.

With the photos, the future tenant will know the details as soon as he / she looks at the images and, if interested in more information, he / she will resort to the description of the ad, where you must make all the information very clear.

If the property is furnished or with residents, do not photograph a mess. Here it is worth tidying up the place, even doing a basic cleaning if necessary to show that not only is the place ready for the client to live, but make him imagine himself already living there.


Now that you know the tips for photographing property, you need to know on which platforms to advertise your property. How about letting someone do this for you and still assist you when scheduling visits from interested parties? The Zimobi does this and more. Advertise your rental for free.