Discover the seven tips to get your property right:

Winning the heart of a prospective tenant to pay a visit depends on a number of details. But the first impression is, without a doubt, one of the most decisive points for the success in this mission.

So it is essential to have an attractive and complete description. That’s where the visit begins. And, just like on a face-to-face tour, you won’t want the person to enter your ad property and feel full of doubts, right?

There are no “miracle formulas” to create good descriptions, after all, the same solution cannot be applied to a house on the beach and to industrial sheds. So, what to do to create incredible descriptions, without plastered formulas, for any type of property? We told you some tricks in the 7 tips below!

The Realtor’s Practical Guide to Being the Best in the Area

1. Caprice in the title and escape the obvious

To differentiate yourself from the sea of ​​internet ads, highlight the most attractive feature of your property. It can be the size, the number of bathrooms, a garden, number of spaces or even the neighborhood and / or city, if applicable. But be careful: it is necessary to highlight only that point that is, in fact, the most important and that makes sense for those looking for the profile in which their property fits.

Example: “Apartment with 2 rooms and 2 spaces in the Center”

2. Pay attention to Google practices

The main tip is to think about the logic of those who research. What words would people use to search for your property? Select the main terms and include in some parts of your text, especially in the title. But, remember: excessive repetition can interfere with the quality of your text and even generate the opposite effect, hindering the appearance of your ad.

3. Straight to the point, but with details

Depending on the profile of the property, immediately mention that the place has a fireplace, barbecue, central air conditioning, heated floors, gas shower or swimming pool. Use adjectives such as comfortable, pleasant, spacious, spacious, among others.

Do not forget to describe in detail everything that favors your property, from the number of rooms, parking spaces to factors such as lighting, renovations, gas system, elevator in the building, among others.

4. Facilities in the region

Talk about the advantages of living in the location of your property. But remember that each person has a different need. It is natural for a retired adult to want to explore the neighborhood on foot and value peace at bedtime, while a young student has the priority of living close to the university, for example.

To do this, analyze the ideal tenant profile for your property.
What is his lifestyle?
How can your offer be perfect to meet those needs? Use that in the text!

Top Features Home Buyers Want Most

5. Location

Here the tip is to go beyond the neighborhood information. People looking for a place to live or work intend to spend at least a good few months there. Therefore, include details in your ad, such as green areas, if you have a bus, the ease of arriving by car, fairs on Sundays and other details. After all, what differentiates your property from the neighboring neighborhood? Look for that answer first of all!

6. Watch out for Portuguese errors

ERAR IS OMANO, but you have to be careful. Depending on the error, your ad may show an unprofessional image and even go viral in a negative way on the internet. Review and use the automatic brokers on your cell phone or computer.

7. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes:

Make sure that what you write is clear and easy to read. To do this, read, reread and optimize to the maximum. Ask friends and family for their opinion. It is a way to validate the effectiveness of the information.

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